One of our beloved community members, Judge Rabin, speaks about the power of music for the incarcerated.


Judge Rabin For Street Symphony At #tedxskidrow at 24th Street Theater


Sarah Fretwell At #tedxskidrow at 24th STreet Theater


Debbie Devine On 24th STreet, Her Passion @ #tedxskidrow at 24th STreet Theater

Ron Finley Takes off Our Skin

Fresh off the airplane from San Francisco, Ron Finley gave us some updates to his project. Not only is he getting people to plant some shit, he is working with the city of LA to change some laws. Forward motion.

To get us to understand the power of transformation (inspired by Miguel Atwood Ferguson’s playing), of compost, he led us through a meditation into the infinite, into the Great Recycler. Expand your vision, expand your world.


Miguel Atwood Ferguson Plays @tedxskidrow at 24th Street Theatre

We Must Hold The Land Together

Sandra McNeil, executive director of TRUST SouthLA, is speaking very strongly about the way that economic justice can be won through communally-held land.

Finding a way to hold down the cost of rent is done by members of the TRUST controlling almost the entire process of buying property, holding, leasing, renting, and ultimately sharing. A strong case for a return to The Commons.

Helicopters of Hope

Robin Petgrave is putting awe into awesome. He is training kids to be the pilots of tomorrow. He runs an aeronautical museum of the future because he knows the kids from Compton that he is training to fly will be in the museums of the future. And he is not lying.

There are already world record setters in his cadre. Find out more about him on the sidebar of our website!

Lunch break!

Lunch break!

Curator Grace Kim Opens the Third Set

"It’s really, really easy to use inspiration as a cop out."

Werd.  Get out your seat and make it happen.

Ron Finley’s TED Talk

still funny and poignant, and enraging every time….